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Student wellbeing

School wellbeing team

The wellbeing team at Girraween High School comprises numerous teaching staff. Each member of the team possesses a specific role and expertise that helps inform the whole school wellbeing program, as well as the response to individual concerns.


Mr Leigh Crangle 

Deputy principals

Mr Saher Youssef and Mr Scott Henretty (Relieving)

Head teacher wellbeing

Ms Aartee Saki (Relieving)

Year 12 advisers

Mr Frank Serratore and Miss Jennifer Nguyen

Year 11 advisers

Ms Kate Dhrury and Mr Wayne Trott

Year 10 advisers

Ms Maria Thoms and Ms Lisa Denniss

Year 9 advisers

Mr Paul Fogerty and Mrs Tania Hogan

Year 8 advisers

Ms Padmini Bonala and Ms Sylvia Park

Year 7 advisers

Ms Victoria Low and Ms Jessica Hay


Ms Yolanda Campos Mon- Wed

Ms Fiona Bergin Fri

Learning and support teacher

Mr Wayne Trott


Senior executive

Support for students, parents, wellbeing team and broader school community; response to serious incidents; reporting of high significant concerns

Head teacher wellbeing

Monitoring of individual incidents and whole school trends; management of year advisers, counsellor and learning and support teacher; incident resolution; maintenance of confidentiality standards.

Year advisers and assistant year advisers

Support for individual students within a year group; monitoring of trends within a year group; delivery of wellbeing program; 'first point of contact' for parents and students.


Point of referral for students causing concern; liaison between senior executive, head teacher wellbeing and parents; mental health support and referral

Learning and support teacher

Support for students experiencing difficulties with organisation, motivation or academic progress; development of support strategies.

It is important to recognise that nearly all teachers filling wellbeing roles are required to teach on a full-time basis in their curriculum area. This contact with students in the classroom is imperative to the building of rapport and maintaining the support on students. The wellbeing team meet on a weekly basis to discuss student wellbeing at the school. Each year adviser addresses their year group on a weekly basis, using this opportunity to discuss any issues that may be pressing within a year group.


  • To provide a safe, supportive and quality learning environment where students can develop a range of lasting skills that enable them to flourish academically, socially and emotionally.
  • To maintain and develop a whole school wellbeing program, informed by current research into child psychology, as well as contemporary developments in teaching and learning.
  • To respond to incidents in a professional and caring fashion.
  • To reinforce the principles of positive education, including the development of the school's positive education model and positive expectations framework.