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Support for positive outcomes

During their final year of high school, students are involved in a number of academic, sporting and social activities at Girraween High School. Being an academic selective high school our focus is on mastering the course content for each subject area in the lead up to the trial and higher school certificate examinations. However, students need to maintain a balanced life that involves social and sporting activities.

During the year we support Year 12 through our mentoring program and monitoring interviews which allow the school to ensure the well-being of all students and help them achieve their potential. The school's mentoring program has continually evolved since its initial implementation. Academic support interviews are also conducted in order to assist students in meeting their goals. Finally, students attend numerous seminars on the variety of stresses and challenges that can occur in their final year. A key feature is the address to the whole cohort by students that have graduated and survived in the previous year.

Year Adviser

Mr Frank Serratore

Assistant Year Adviser

Ms Jennifer Nguyen

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